How to claim expense?

(Message from our Treasurer)

Please find the "Expenses Reimbursement Form" for your use. It's designed to be simple and easy.

Please fill out the date, items with no., description, amount and total amount for reimbursement on the form, then initial on the space next to prepared by:, attached the form with receipts and have the form approved by Commander / Directors according to the guidelines below. Catch me any time on 19th floor, I'll reimburse you with cash.

Below are a few guidelines for approval:

  • If the expenses are for a specific club, e.g. Sparks, approval should be sought from Sparks Director
  • If the expenses are for all clubs, approval should be obtained from Commander
  • Expenses paid by respective Directors should be approved by Commander
  • Expenses paid by Commander should be sought from Pastor
  • For large item, i.e. amount > HK$ 500, please check with me to ensure that it is within budget prior to making purchase
  • If you cannot practically get a receipt, simply fill out the form and have it endorsed by the Commander or Director who was also present when the expense was paid.

You are welcome to treat the expenses paid as offerings, and it would help us to record all expenses and prepare the budget for Awana as accurate as we can if you can kindly fill out a form and attach the receipt with it and mark clearly as offering. In such case, no approval is required, simply pass the form to me for my recording purposes.